Small investment for a lot of extra mobility

People who know me for a longer period, know that I am travelling by car everywhere within The Netherlands and a small part of Germany and Belgium, mainly to visit companies, trade fairs, family and athletic tracks. But what if… Lees verder →

Finally operational

You might have heard only a little from me the latest period. but I have not been inactive. In de meantime I have finalized my first project: for DHMI /Lannes in France I have made an overview of the Dutch… Lees verder →

A day at IPM Essen

Tomorrow 24/01/2019, depending on the weather, I will go a day to the IPM in Essen, Germany to promote Horti-assist and start networking. I am looking forward to this! The ‘real work’ is finally coming closer now. But I must… Lees verder →

The importance of social media!

Last Tuesday I posted a small message on my personal LinkedIn-page to tell that I started Horti-Assist and went to the Chamber of Commerce to make it official. And Also I started a company-page on Linkedin and Facebook. Because I… Lees verder →

The start of a new company, well begun is half done!

In November/December 2018 I took the decission to start as a self-employed person in my own company. From then I already had some very busy weeks, allthough quite different from the weeks I normally had while working in paid employment…. Lees verder →

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